Religious Formation

October is an exciting month…It is the month of the Rosary. 

Note: We will not be having religious education classes on October 21st due to Fall Break in the Mid-Del School district. 

Every year the fourth grade religious education class hosts a Rosary lesson in October. This year is no exception. However, because of Fall Break weekend, our Catechist will start September 30th. There will be a short history lesson about the Rosary and the class will pray a decade of the Rosary each Sunday. As always, our catechist has invited parents and interested parishioners to join the class. It will be held at approximately 9:35-10:15am each Sunday: September 30th in the nave (main church), October 7th and 14th in the Our Lady of Fatima Chapel, and October 28th in the nave (main church). 

10 Interesting Facts about the Rosary:

  1. It is a Scriptural prayer. Its prayers and meditations (mysteries) can be found in Scripture.
  2. Rosary means “crown of roses.” When you pray the Rosary you spiritually walk through Mary’s garden of roses—remembering that roses have thorns—which leads to her Son, Jesus.
  3. The name was given to the Rosary at Fatima, Portugal, where, in 1917, Mary made 6 appearances to 3 small children telling them to pray the Rosary for peace. Also, the Miracle of the Sun happened there.
  4. The Rosary was developed sometime in the 3rd century in various forms by monks. St. Dominic developed the Rosary in its present form in the 13th Century.
  1. The Rosary is divided into 5 decades (groups of 10 beads). When praying the original 3 groups of “Mysteries”, this would come out to 150 prayers, taking place of the 150 psalms prayed by monks.
  2. St. John Paul II added a fourth group of “mysteries” in 2002. They are the Baptism of Jesus, the Wedding Feast at Cana, the Proclamation of the Kingdom, the Transfiguration, and the Institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper.
  3. The Rosary is not just for Catholics. Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches have their own version of the Rosary.
  4. The Rosary can be used for Spiritual Protection. It is a way to keep one spiritual away from temptation to evil and think about our Lord Jesus Christ every day.
  5. The 13th of the Month is a special day. May 13th 1981, Pope (now Saint) John Paul II was shot and almost killed. May 13, 1917 is the date of the first apparition of Our Lady at Fatima and Pope John Paul II gave credit for his life to Our Lady of Fatima. He put the bullet in the crown of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima at Fatima Portugal, May 13th 1982.
  6. October is the Month of the Holy Rosary. The Last appearance of Mary at Fatima was October 13, 1917 ending in the “Miracle of the Sun.” Bishop Jose Alves Correia da Silva declared the events worthy of belief on October 13, 1930, making it an “approved” apparition/pilgrimage site.

Please continue to pray for the students of St. Philip Neri’s religious education classes.

Lord, Our God, in Your wisdom and love, You surround us with the mysteries of the universe.

Send your Spirit upon our students, and fill them with Your wisdom and blessings. Grant that they may devote themselves to their studies and draw ever closer to You, the Source of all knowledge. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.



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