Religious Formation

February 1, 2018 

Lent is coming quickly and we must prepare the children for the Sacraments. 

Remember, February 14th is Ash Wednesday.  We expect all the children to attend Ash Wednesday service at 6:30pm.  Those children in RCIA must be there instead of our regular class.  Children going to St. Philip Neri School will be going to service earlier in the day.  We expect to see all the other children in the evening. 

Ash Wednesday is also the kick off of our annual Rice Bowl campaign.  Families put their change in the Rice Bowl, it is collected after Easter, and sent to Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to feed the poor around the world.  The Rice Bowl also comes with a Lenten calendar with menus and links to online resources to enrich your family’s Lenten experience.  In case you are unaware, CRS is the leading provider of disaster relief services in the world. 

In R.E., our students will be learning about Lent and what Easter is all about.  

Our First Sacraments class is preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).  The parents will have a mandatory instructional meeting on Sunday, February 11th at 9:30am in the St. Augustine Room.  On Saturday, February 17th, those students who have been attending class regularly and prepared properly will receive First Reconciliation (Confession).  Father will start promptly at 9am in the main church. The children take turns in the confessional and are free to leave after they finish their Penance.  We still have class on Sunday, February 18th at 9:30am, and expect to see all children’s smiling faces.  Also, that Sunday is our third mandatory parents’ meeting in preparation of First Communion. 

The fourth grade class will be doing Stations of the Cross, two of the Sundays in Lent. This devotional helps the students understand the meaning of what happened just before Easter Sunday.  The students learn by participating in this traditional Catholic devotion all about Christ’s suffering. 

All families are invited to participate in Stations of the Cross every Friday evening in Lent, followed by a “meager meal” downstairs in the Activity Center. 

Keep having the children practice their prayers: The Sign of the Cross (using their right hand), The Glory Be, Hail, Mary, the Our Father, Guardian Angel, Act of Contrition, and the Apostles’ Creed. 

God Bless,
Laurann Donahue
Director of Religious Education (DRE) 




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