St. Martin's Cemetery

St Martin's Church was founded by Czech immigrants in Mishak, OK (now the SE corner of Tinker AFB) early in the 20th century and had scheduled Masses until 1931.  The Church pictured burned in the 1950's, leaving only a parish cemetery on the grounds.  St Philip Neri assumed responsibility for its maintenance around 2005.  The parish has made substantial improvements and is now offering lots to area Catholics.

Many people expressed strong interest in plots and pairs of plots, and so far no one has asked for something wanted by another.  Sales have been strong and steady. For assistance in selecting a plot,  call the church office and they or Larry Hopper will help you.   A Cemetery Map shows the plots, but you must see Larry or visit the office to see which are available.  Lots numbered in red are currently being sold, those numbered in blue are in a wooded area to be sold later.  Orange and green shaded areas indicate walkways and areas reserved for the altar, Columbarium, and trees.

A video on the cemetery and Mishak

We are now accepting payments!  Plots are $500 each (no tax), please call the church office before you come down or mail in a check. Four new things to know:  plots located back-to-back can share  a headstone; if you buy plot/s for a relative (like in-laws) let the church know the parish they belong to; and third, please realize that plots you do not designate for someone specific are not inheritable (but your family will get the purchase price back).

Come visit anytime and the cemetery gates will be all be open around  all Saints Day and on Veterans' Day, but the pedestrian gate is at least unlocked 24/7. One soul interred there was killed in action in WW I, nearly 100 years ago!

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